The Benefits of Packaging Finishing in Clarence Center

benefits of packaging finishing

Packaging printers are constantly searching for ways to streamline workflow and speed up turnaround times, but sometimes finishing and converting solutions are overlooked as an efficient means of working more effectively.

Dreyer Kliche understands the power of beautiful finishing in Clarence Center. Their website boasts tangible examples of their global capabilities for embossing and texturing finishes, among other services.


Coatings provide printed materials with protection, specialty sensory effects and functional properties – as well as providing instantaneous visual impact and brand recognition.

Aqueous (AQ) coatings are cost-effective water-based options designed to prevent fingerprints and scuff marks during production, food safe, and are the perfect choice for products which will be handled multiple times by consumers.

Gloss coating offers a high-shine finish that can add drama and impact to your packaging design. You can use gloss coating to accentuate specific text, photographs or elements within the overall design – perfect for drawing the eye!

Matte finishes offer a less glossy appearance that can be combined with spot UV or embossing for more subdued effects. Satin varnish offers an intermediate option between matte and gloss; less eye-catching but still beautiful; soft touch coating gives your package a velvet/silky smooth feel without being as shiny as its counterparts.

Embossing & Debossing

Debossing and embossing both add a unique texture to printed materials that makes them stand out for customers, conveying an exclusive, classy aesthetic that sets you apart from your competition and establishes brand credibility.

Embossing uses a metal die that is pressed into paper or card to create raised custom designs or texts. Embossing works best with simple artwork, and should only be used sparingly as it raises it higher than the paper surface and may interfere with text readability beneath.

Debossing works better for more intricate designs as it doesn’t rely on heat being applied; however, thicker paper stock will likely be needed and thin card may not produce desired results. Debossing also requires higher printing volumes to make cost-effectiveness viable and therefore may not be appropriate for smaller print runs.


Foiling adds an elegant and refined finish to printed packaging, giving it an eye-catching shimmer that draws customer attention. This finishing technique can be applied both matte and glossy surfaces for an eye-catching metallic effect that stands out in customer’s minds.

Foils come in many different colors, from classic gold and silver to copper, red, blue, holographic and more. They can be overprinted using either CMYK or PMS color tones for an additional splash of dimension or combined with spot varnishing or embossing techniques for an added dimension of depth.

Foil stamping adds tactile interest and luxury to the finish, which can create an exquisite feel. This feature is particularly important for luxury brands such as Thomas Farthing’s 1930s inspired menswear collection which pairs robust kraft packaging with decadent royal blue foil stamping.

UV Coating

Add gloss UV coating to your print project to enhance its colors and provide it with a polished, high-end aesthetic. Plus, it adds protection from abrasions, scuffing, and fingerprints – providing your product with extended longevity.

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This process also allows you to add pearlescent and metallic finishes for an elegant, luxurious aesthetic for packaging or products, ideal for brand logos or images that wish to stand out.

UV coatings dry instantly, which allows press sheets to be sent straight to the bindery without delay for scoring, folding and cutting – an especially helpful feature for short-run and quick-turn projects.