6 Packaging News For New York in 7 August 2022

packaging news in august 2022

If you are interested in the latest news in packaging for New York , you’ve come to the right place. The leading online magazine for the metal packaging industry is Canmaking News. Founded in October 2003, the magazine is written and edited by a team of qualified graduates, experienced journalists, and sales specialists across the globe. The team works out of the United Kingdom and travels extensively to industry events. Among its topics, canmaking news covers:

Flexible packaging market set to grow to $317.6 billion by 2027

Flexible packaging is a growing industry that offers multiple environmental benefits. These include reduced carbon footprint, reduced raw material consumption, and lower waste. They also use less plastic and are more efficient in transportation. These factors are driving demand for flexible packaging solutions. In addition to this, new technologies like digital inkjet water-based jet press are helping the industry.

The APAC region is expected to lead the market over the next eight years. Rising population growth, rising disposable income, and rapid urbanization are driving the market growth in this region. The growing food and beverage industry is another driver of the market. Hence, flexible packaging is predicted to be a key player in this region.

The industry is also seeing new innovations, with the introduction of fully recyclable baby food pouches by the UK’s Particula Group and the launch of a recyclable micro-embossed lightweight film from Kerastase. A recent deal between Dow and the Chinese food and beverage company Want-Want aims to increase flexible packaging’s sustainability.

As flexible packaging continues to expand its reach globally, it is likely to grow at a steady rate. Demand will grow most in the food and beverage application segment. This segment will benefit from the increasing popularity of snack foods and the expanding food retail industry. The demand for flexible packaging is also expected to increase in emerging markets.

Challenges of real-time authentication in packaging

Real-time authentication in packaging can play a crucial role in the prevention of counterfeiting and product diversion. The technology allows for the monitoring of products in real-time and can intercept products before they are tampered with. It also provides visibility and traceability of products and can help companies comply with health care reforms and other regulations. However, many challenges still exist in this emerging field. These barriers need to be overcome before smart packaging is adopted on a large-scale.

In addition to its potential for improving supply chain efficiency and effectiveness, smart packaging can also provide a number of consumer benefits. It can prevent product diversion, counterfeiting, and theft and improve consumer satisfaction. However, implementing smart packaging requires cross-industry collaboration. Moreover, it involves integrating smart devices into existing packaging lines, which can be costly.

New sustainable packaging options

The USDA has announced the creation of a new Sustainable Packaging Program to help dairy processors transition from single-use plastic bottles to compostable and recyclable containers. The program will award $1.1 million to dairy processors to support research and development efforts to make packaging more environmentally friendly. The money will help companies find innovative solutions to packaging challenges and increase consumer awareness about sustainable packaging.

One company introducing new sustainable packaging options this year is BOBST, which will be presenting oneBARRIER, a family of sustainable solutions that will change the packaging industry forever. OneBARRIER PrimeCycle, for example, is EVOH-free and recyclable, while retaining excellent barrier properties.

Walmart is also taking a lead in creating more sustainable packaging options. It recently announced a new website called the Circular Connector, a resource that helps companies find sustainable packaging ideas. It has already received more than 100 submissions from innovators. Walmart’s sustainability director, Ashley C. Hall, says she hopes to bridge the gap between companies that need sustainable packaging and those that offer it.

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Developing new sustainable packaging options is critical. These options can reduce the amount of waste that’s disposed of in landfills while reducing transportation costs. Plant-based alternatives are rapidly gaining traction as product container options.